Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kids {DIY Parties}

My Nephew turned 2 on the 16th April while mom is tending to a Newborn Brother I offered to help make Divan's Day special with a few hand made cupcakes, party packs & crayons.

You don't have to spend a fortune on planning a party for your little ones. A few paper bags, the internet, a printer, steady hand & you can create a fun relaxed birthday for you and your child.

Theme we decided on was Barney & Friends.

What we used to create this fun day:

Cake Toppers Picture found here

Party Pack Picture found here

Party Favor Picture not sure where I found it.

I had a lot of fun cutting out the little Barney cake toppers sticking them to toothpicks and creating the party packs full of goodies.

The Ideas are endless, you even get Barney themed cupcakes to compliment your Theme.

Happy Birthday Big Boy!


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